Personal Service

Our investment service is advisory and the portfolio we propose and monitor for you will be unique and specifically designed to accommodate your needs and goals.

Types Of Investment

There are only four main types of asset that can be readily traded - cash, fixed income, property and shares all of which can be combined in your personal plan.

Advisory Service

Our Premier Plus Investment Advisory Service provides pro-active advice on your investments, together with detailed reports and recommendations.

Stage 1

Creating Your Plan

This involves an in-depth “fact-find” about you and your circumstances, needs and financial objectives. An analysis of your situation and preparation of a report setting out our recommendations for plans enabling you to meet your objectives.

Stage 2

Implementing Your Plan

We provide initial financial planning advice on a fee basis, and always quote you a fee in advance of undertaking work on your behalf. Our Premier Plus ongoing investment advisory service is provided for a percentage of the relevant assets

Stage 3

Managing Your Plan

We have an ongoing advisory service that provides, not only regular reports and recommendations, but also the assurance that your consultant is available to discuss issues with you and make changes required by altered circumstances.

Stage 4

Reviewing Your Plan

At Churchill we will monitor all of your investments and recommend changes when markets or your personal circumstances change. Our service then provides regular reports, updates and recommendations to keep your plans on track.

Welcome To Churchill Investments

We are Independent Financial Advisers who specialise in collective investments and aim to provide personal advice tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Our objective is to provide sound financial advice: advice on retirement planning, investing, saving and protection that meets your needs, without incurring unnecessary risk, at reasonable cost.

We provide overall financial planning advice on savings, protection, investments and estate planning [more]

We are independent financial advisers specialising in investment, where we have specialist expertise. We have been trading since 1996 and are based in Winscombe.

You are fully involved not just in the formulation of the policy governing the way your investments are managed but also the actual decisions taken.

Our service then provides regular reports, updates and recommendations to keep your plans on track when markets or your personal circumstances change.

Investments are held in your own name in accounts personally set up for you. Your approval is required before any change to your investments can be made.

There is always a tradeoff between risk and reward. We believe you should be fully involved in setting your own policy regarding how much risk you are prepared to accept with your investments.

Our aim is to provide a genuinely personal ongoing service and given the depth of experience we have throughout our team we are very well placed to do so.

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Managing Director

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Chartered Financial Planner

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