Financial planning involves an in-depth “fact-find” about you and your circumstances, needs and financial objectives.  This is followed by an analysis of your situation and needs and preparation of a report setting out our recommendations both for plans enabling you to meet your objectives and for specific products, policies or investments. Our service then provides regular reports, updates and recommendations to keep your plans on track.

Investment advice is not just a matter of designing a suitable portfolio of investments, but of monitoring these investments and recommending changes when markets or your personal circumstances change.


We provide initial financial planning advice on a fee basis, and will always quote you a fee in advance of undertaking work on your behalf.

Our Premier Plus ongoing investment advisory service is provided for a percentage of the relevant assets, with a reduced percentage applying to assets in excess of £1,000,000. We rebate any commissions we receive against these fees.

Our clients all receive regular newsletters Insight, Marketwatch and Fundwatch to keep them fully informed of what is happening in the financial markets.

To facilitate efficient management of your investments, we recommend the use of “wrap” accounts, which also give you real-time access to the current value of your portfolio.

The benefits of wrap accounts

"Wrap" accounts are administration systems or "platforms" through which you can hold investments....

Advisory Services

Churchill's Services are advisory. We believe this is the most appropriate way for most people to manage their investments, because...