• You hold all your investments in one place, which makes everything simpler
  • You can see all your holdings listed in one or two pages
  • You can get up to date valuations quickly and easily
  • In many cases you can access your investments and see the current valuation on-line at any time
  • Within the wrap, you can hold investments within ISAs, SIPPs or life assurance bonds, whichever is most advantageous for you in terms of your tax position and income requirements
  • You can draw monthly income from the wrap, which contains a cash account into which all dividends and interest from your investments are paid 
  • All charges and costs are clearly identified

The wrap provider charges an administration fee, but this is often offset by the savings we can secure on the investments you hold, where annual charges can often be less than if you held the funds directly. In some cases, we obtain rebates of fees from funds which are credited to your account.

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